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 The conducive environment of ArchiLearn’s classrooms made it so much better than studying at home! My teachers are very patient and helpful. Concepts are taught clearly and I discovered that there can actually be more than just one way to solve each unique questions. 
 The engaging and passionate teachers at Archi Learn never fail to explain concepts in a very clear and concise manner to me. The teacher-to-student ratio is also low, allowing each teacher to focus on individual students. The notes are also very useful. 
 I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to do the preparation for Architecture entrance exam, ChintanPasad sir is the person- he’s skill full, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experiences and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve your skills, not just during the course, but beyond.” 
 The teacher’s encouragement towards participation in discussion created a lively learning environment which in turn maximized our absorption of the wide array of topics discussed. 
 I had a very experienced teacher and he taught me a lot of perspective and drawing skills. We analyzed numerous drawings from various sources and they were beneficial as I have applied such analysis skills during my examinations. I liked the environment at Archi Learn and enjoyed my lessons here! 
 I learnt a lot after starting lessons at Archi Learn and my teacher provided me with very good materials for me to improve my drawing. The explanation provided was very detailed and I learnt good composition and presentation skills from him. Thank you Archi Learn for providing me with a nice environment for studying! 
 The teachers go at a comfortable pace and they will also provide us with sufficient useful lectures. Important learning points will be highlighted to us so that we know the different areas we should focus on when studying. The pleasant environment has also made it easier for me to concentrate during lessons. 
 I was taught by Chintan sir and I find his presentations extremely useful – they truly contain everything you need for the examinations! He also goes through a lot of study from other resources, with that, I gained an excellent understanding for the concepts in the syllabus 
 Archi Learn tuition class helped me better understand the topics related to NATA hence, it brings improvement in my drawing. Furthermore, the notes given are comprehensive. 
 The teacher’s encouragement towards participation in lessons created a lively learning environment which in turn maximized our absorption of the wide array of topics discussed. 
 It had been an excellent experience attending classes at Archi Learn. The small class made it less intimidating to pose questions and more effective for in-class discussions. Most importantly, the class had equipped me with the necessary materials and knowledge for my independent revision. 
 Archi Learn provides comfortable rooms for us to study in and the teachers are also very helpful when it comes to answering our queries. He is willing to spend time clearing our doubts and the answers he gives are also very detailed. I am able to understand the concepts better after my experience at Archi Learn! 
 With the small class size, I can concentrate better in class. The teacher has provided me with very good materials and a lot of practices. It allows me to have the opportunity to try out more questions. Thank you ArchiLearn for the great experience! 
 The teachers give us a lot of work to practice so that we will be more prepared when we face various types of questions. Whenever we meet any problems that we cannot solve, the teachers will always explain till we understand. The environment that we study in is also very comfortable for learning, thank you Archi Learn! 
 The environment at Archi Learn was interactive and it was suitable for learning. My teachers were very knowledgeable and they would always tell us interesting facts about the content so that it would be easier for us to remember certain key points. Interactive classes and friendly classmates made me enjoy the lessons at Archi Learn. 
Huzefa Sayyed
 The pattern of teaching was designed in a very simple way which was easy and interesting. The online tests for aptitude were excellent and were very helpful. There was a different level of energy in teachers while teaching. 
Aditya Nagpure
 In Archi Learn, students are like Popeye in the field of spinach, surrounded with too much of material which can strengthen them to achieve the best they can. The student teacher bonding gives a free atmosphere for learning and for overall development of our personality. 
Atharv Shiralekar
 Archi Learn is just like a second home to me. The experience I got was awesome. Every day there was something new to learn. Chintan sir is always ready to clear every doubt and problem. In spare time he used to chat with us and made us laugh by cracking jokes, also we used to get spicy scolding by him to get us back on track. It was wonderful being there. It is the best place for preparing NATA. 
 It was really a struggle for me to master the concepts of drawing when I first arrived at Archi Learn one and half months ago. However, after I enrolled myself in Archi Learn, I started feeling much more comfortable with expressing myself in drawing. Chintan sir was very patient and responsible. He provided a very nurturing environment for conducive learning. 
Vaishnav Thakare
 My first step to become and architect starts here at Archi Learn. I had a memorable experience at Archi Learn. The time spent at Archi Learn was the beast time I ever had. Got the best mentor who directed me on the right path towards the success, who every time pushed me, encouraged me. I got to learn the things that not only helped me for NATA but also helped me to improve my logical and architectural thinking. I feel myself very lucky to have Ar. Chintan Pasad as my Mentor. 
 The teachers are funny and humorous and they try to make the lessons more interactive in class so that we will enjoy learning the subjects. They also provide us with very in-depth notes and various challenging questions to allow us to be exposed to different types of questions. All these make me feel more prepared for my NATA exams. Thank you Archi Learn. 
Janhvi Dudhat
 Learning in Archi Learn increases my knowledge and in turn my confidence. You not only taught us but also help us in admission and everything else. Chintan sir is so helpful, friendly and supportive. Under his guidance we can see lot of improvement in our work. Thank you sir for everything you did for us. You are the best mentor for all of us. 
 With a smaller number of students in the class, I am able to concentrate better and the teacher can also give each of the students more attention. Chintan sir is very meticulous and he will ask for feedback after lessons so that he can come up with better lesson plans for subsequent lessons. The teaching materials serve to value-add the notes I get, and this allows me to have a more in-depth understanding of the topics. 
 I have been in Archi Learn for the past one and half months and throughout, I always find their presentation beneficial and this greatly aids me in my studies. The teachers here are passionate and motivated me to maximise my potential. Archi Learn also provides a conducive environment where I can focus on learning. Their Presentations are unique and good for easy learning. Archi Learn is truly a student’s best helper! 
 Archi Learn is the best place to learn basics of drawing and Architecture. We all dedicate our achievement to Chintan Sir because without him, we were unable to do anything. He attended each and every student individually. We have troubled him a lot but still he was there with us every time. We all are very thankful to Chintan Sir For his Guidance And support. 
 The learning environment is very friendly. In Archi Learn we are free to ask any difficulty we are facing regarding the topic. Teachers here treat their students as their friends and guides and students are encouraged to interact in every activity. 
Dipti Behere
 Good Experience and Best Teaching in Amravati. I joined for a crash course which covered each and every aspect of exam as well as many tips for basics of architectural education in a very short span of time. 
Renuka Abrol
 Being a part of Archi Learn was like taking a shovel and digging till you get the most refined output out of an idea. And obviously while this shoveling went on, the efforts of my mentor Ar. Chintan Pasad were the driving force which kept us illuminating. I feel glad to be one of the first students of Chintan Sir, I know my curious attitude and all my queries which were generally out of syllabus were being clarified by Sir and most essentially I feel obliged that I got to spend time with one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking person. 
Revti Mundhada
 I just went to Ar. Chintan Sir for guidance about what architecture is and the way he explained it to me, I thought that I can’t get a better teacher than you for this field. I still remember how he taught us the principles of design; they are imprinted in my mind. He was there to help us all the time. Every student needs this kind of teacher and I feel Archi Learn is the perfect place to start your architectural journey. 
Harshita Adatiya
 I had a great experience at Archi Learn. Chintan Sir is very friendly and teaches in a way where learning becomes fun. Best place for complete knowledge and intensive practice. 
Sakshi Wadhe
 I was a very lazy student but you believed in me and pushed me to become a better person. Your teaching will be there with me for my lifetime. 
Radhika Soni
 Apart from your teaching , you were there to guide us at every step regarding admissions and more, I used to call and talk to you so many times for admissions but you were there to help me every time. You would never say no if I had a problem. I was not your student but I never felt that because you always guided me as a teacher. I am really thankful to you. 
Saloni Soni
 Archi Learn is the best place to learn in entire Amravati. No doubt for the results. If you are ready to give your 100% Chintan sir will take you to the next level. He is too helpful and supportive in all aspects. 
Radhika Kalbande
 I was in Archi Learn for a crash course of about 15 days, where each and every topic was thoroughly cleared and had a satisfactory impact on my NATA score. What I liked was whenever a new topic was introduced we was asked questions by Chintan sir about the basic concepts related to the topic, which gave us detailed idea about the topic making it a lifelong learning that will be useful in future. 
Sanika Kedar
 Ample amount of study material is available. Attention is given individually with regular tests. All our doubts are cleared then and there. High efforts in teaching and encouragement in doing our task & assignments enhances the way of learning. 
Mihir Desai
 Archi Learn is the best place to learn Architectural basics having had experiences of other top Institutes in India like BRDS & SILICA. Only place with best faculty, individual attention, ample amount of practice and complete guidance. 
Prajit Gupte
 The ambience is best suited for drawing and high quality Architectural vocabulary. Excellent teaching – I dedicate my achievement to Chintan sir’s Efforts, Guidance and Support. He guided me in understanding my weak points, so helpful and best teacher I have ever had. He played a very crucial role in shaping my mind. My Advice to all those who want to get into architecture please do not neglect boards and sketch the mind with your heart on paper for which Ar. Chintan will mentor you. 

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