Fitoori is the place to discover the madness & the Grace of Indian curated ethnic apparels.
From Sarees to handicrafts, we curate & handpick the most authentic, organic Indian products from our local artisans from every corner of the country at

We believe in empowering local designers and artisans helping them to showcase their unique skills & creativity to the world.
We completely support #VocalForLocal cause and our vision is to create an Indian-Global brand giving opportunities to our designers, artisans and small manufacturers
to showcase their products that enhances every women’s grace & explore their FITOOR within. We ensure that best quality raw materials are used, preference of natural
dyes and quality check each product multiple times is major focus. An assurance that great effort has been put forward by our team to make sure the products you
receive meets your expectations. Customer delight & satisfaction is our motto. We thrive for excellence in what we do.

  • Fitoori wants to become the most preferred ethnic brand for the most beautiful creation of God- WOMEN!
  • To curate and offer products comparable to quality of international standards, to be customer-focused and globally competitive through better quality & Uniqueness, latest technology and continuous innovation.
  • We are proud of our commitment that enables us to consistently and measurably enhance the quality of our products and services to our customers.
  • This is an overarching aspiration for our company.


1. Customer Satisfaction

  • We will be attuned to market needs
  • wherever possible, we will anticipate market needs
  • we will respond quickly to changes in customer requirements
  • we will be completely focused on quality
  • we will keep delivery commitments on time and every time
  • we will develop new products and processes that will meet customer satisfaction

2. Passionate About Excellence

  • Excellence is non-negotiable in any aspect of our business process.
  • Superior quality and customer centric service is Non-Negotiable to our business growth and success.
  • We will constantly strive to exceed expectations: be it internal or external.

3. Develop Human Capital

  • We will empower, energize and inspire our people to perform beyond their best
  • Create empowered teams that take informed decisions
  • We will recognize and leverage skills and strengths of various teams
  • Enable sharing of knowledge; create an adequate ‘bench strength’ that will take care of changes in business scenarios.

4. Fair To All

  • All our actions will be determined by fairness; we shall be fair to our customers, vendors, stakeholders, all our business partners and society at large.
  • Fairness is not just sticking to the letter of the law or the contract but appreciating its spirit and basing all our actions on being fair to the spirit of that

5. Concern for The Environment And The Community

  • We will take the utmost care of our environment and the communities in which we operate
  • we shall nurture our environment and its natural resources and shall ensure that none of our actions deplete or pollute them
  • we will encourage initiatives that create environmental sustainability and help in community development.

6. Safety & Health

  • We will promote the health and well-being of our people and their families.
  • We will provide a safe workplace.
  • We will encourage healthy work habits and a ‘work-life’ balance.
  • We believe that working safely and protecting the health of our people is ‘working smart’ and creates greater and more sustainable wealth.

7. Responsible Corporate Citizen

  • We recognize that we have our responsibilities towards the society in which we operate.
  • We commit ourselves to be a responsible corporate citizen; our activities should not only create shareholder wealth, but also community wealth.